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Expectations were WIDE open to say the least. I knew I’d trained hard, but did I train smart and would my mental game be on point? These were the questions racing through my mind as Baby and I headed down to Austin for Round #1 of the TMBRA State Championship XC Series at Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville this past weekend. I was beyond excited for the UCI style short course format and thankfully my early week equipment stresses were remedied with some INCREDIBLE customer service and a good friend robbing his own Pivot Mach 429 to rescue mine.

Long story short, I developed a bearing issue in my rear wheel a little over a week from my departure date.  Not to worry though, as Ted fromIndustry Nine handled my situation like a magician! Less than a week later, I came home to a freshly built wheel with a brand new Torch hub! Of course I had a back up wheel to run, but once you taste the instant engagement of an I9, nothing less will do. Wheel issue solved, however, a blown rear shock was looming as an even bigger concern. Not to worry as The Sneddling came through with a loaner for me. After some install time, a bit of routine maintenance, and a few drive way stoppies of course, I felt my steed was ready to roll.